Sunday, February 04, 2007


For those of you who have been checking on the blog and finding nothing, sorry. I know only a few people check but I still wanted to explain for those of you who do. I really haven't been home and when I am home the office is the last place I have time to do anything in. We are all really busy with Scouts, Yearbook and school. We have a huge project coming up and we only have two weeks left to work on it. This is my warning the website stuff will be when and IF we have time. Matthew starts his first research paper this month too. This will be the first of many I am sure. Most of his load is high school work even though his grade is eighth grade. We are doing a big Government / History project that I will be excited to tell you about when he has completed it. I will find some way of posting it. For now here is the latest pictures Shane has taken posted in a Yahoo album.

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