Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yea! Lingo

Ted spent 30 mins on the phone with Linksys, and hour plus with Lingo tech support. We had gotten a better router and it had stopped working. Now we can recieve home phone calls. I am so glad.

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Room

Our friend Bernie graciously offered to help us "ONCE AGAIN" with the room we started in the summer. We are very thankful Bernie came over to help us. Some of you have been praying for Bernie because of the cancer they found in October. He is doing well. He has recovered from the recent surgery. He still has some more procedures (I think chemo) so, continue to lift him, his wife Stacy and Jessica their little girl up in your prayers. I've included a picture of Shane and Colby with Jessica. They've had so much fun playing with her latley.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well 2005 is almost gone. Here are a few from the past few weeks that are SILLY!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No Fire today

Its warmed up again and I am ready for some cooler weather to start a fire. Plus I haven't gotten to wear my 3 winter things (Just kidding I have more than 3 winter things) Here are a couple of some fireman and Matthew the few minutes he played his games today. He spent most of his time reading his new books or libary books (one or the other), but didn't want a picture taken of that since thats what I always catch him doing when I have the camera out. I also added a picture of Smokey, since Matches and Sawyer got theirs in this week too.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I didn't have a chance to take any NEW pictures today so I am posting some old ones again. These our from our First Christmas together in 1991. The one with me in Green might not be from Christmas It could be Thanksgiving. I couldn't remember when my Aunt and her family came to visit. Sean and his brother Derek from Christmas 05 are in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. Click on it to see the larger version.

Our First Tree

Ted and Uncle Bo trying to fix our Broken VW

The Blue VW was my Grandfathers

Ted, Lisa and Sean (My cousin)

Ted in his Uniform with our 5 month kitties

Monday, December 26, 2005

Jesus' birthday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a special cake and everyone got to blow out the candle since it was a very special birthday. Colby kept asking for more pieces of Jesus cake. I know the older they get the harder it is to remember rather than focus on presents. Speaking of presents, Matthew has had to share his this year. I think we now know what to get Ted for his birthday. Lori and Tony got the best present of all this year. Tony came back home from Iraq very early this morning. Ted and I accidently slept in and so Matthew and Ted didn't go to greet him. I made posters last night for them to take. We went to bed but since it was so early we didn't hear the alarm go off at 2:30 am, nor did we hear the three times Lori tried to call us. You can see more pictures of Matthew, Shane and Colby on Kari's blog on her December 25th post. For the pictures Click Each number for a different one Here -----> one two three She also posted some from the day before too. There is a funny story about her husband Curt trying to snap pictures of Ted and I and never catching a good one. Click the phrases for the different links -----> Kari's Christmas eve blog post and/or Picture of Colby& Grandpa Dan

Looks like he likes it

He just didn't know what to think


Matches Relaxing

Happiness is...

a new toy, here is Sawyer content with his new toy.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. This next part is for any first-time blog viewers: Please be sure to check out our links in the Moore Places section off to the left underneath the boys pictures. Also any pictures you see can be viewed larger by clicking on them. On some pictures you can also click the small orange box that comes up on the bottom right hand corner when you scroll over that area with your mouse to see an even bigger version.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

We spent most of the day in Vidalia with our family. Ted's Grandma, Uncle Oggie, Aunt Karen, cousins Eric and Lance live there. Ted's Mom, Dad, Curt, Kari, Lucas and Lori all drove down too to spend Christmas eve together. We had a nice meal cooked by Oggie and just got to visit with them. We don't get to see each other often so that was nice. Karen and Lance just got new puppies so the kids had a great time playing around with Daisy and Sadie.

All three

Shane and Grandma

Matthew and Billy

Chicken Little and Guys

Friday, December 23, 2005


One thing about Shane is that he likes to be a friend and he has friends. I could learn alot from him. I think when he gets older he might be the one bringing people home all the time. Today we had one of our friends over, Krista. Colby played well with them and didn't give me one bit of a problem when it was time for his nap. Matthew went to work with Ted today so he isn't in any pictures. I took lots of pictures of everyone else today and here they are.

Puppet Show (All 3 have Dinosaurs)

Gassing Up

He loves to Sit-n-Spin

Turkey, Cheese, PB Crackers, & Raisins

In the spaceship

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Last night we took a Chartered bus around town with some friends to look at Christmas lights. We didn't take our big camera but Ted got a few shots with his camera phone, that I will try and post at a later date. Here is a shot of the kids before I left to take Matthew to his Christmas party. Matthew didn't get to go on the bus ride, but he took a Trolley ride a few nights ago with his Grandma. Notice the Pooh behind the kids. Our neighbor across the street always decks his yard out with lights and all sorts of stuff for every holiday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tree and GDM

Please click each picture to see a larger version. You can also click the small orange box that comes up on the bottom right hand corner when you scroll over that area with your mouse to see an even bigger version (On some pictures)

Above is Shane and his Grandma with the decorated tree that he helped with. She is probably going to not like this picture, but I think it is too funny not to post. I told her to open her eyes up really wide. The old black and white pictures are of Shane's Grandpa Dan when he was a little boy. I've recently scanned some pictures of Ted when he was little and should be adding those soon.


I've forgotten how much I love to bake. I haven't had the time or energy in the past years to take the time to bake any cookies. Also it might be because my stove never kept an accurate temperature for baking. Now that I have that new oven it works great for baking. Yesterday I made Peanut Butter and today I made Chocolate chip. last year my neighbor gave us baked cookies and bread. This year she is away. She's been living in another state taking care of her older parents for more than 6 months. She never got to meet Aggie the whole time she was here. The one visit she made home was when Aggie had already moved to our Dads. Here are some pictures of lunchtime and Matthew and Colby outside. Shane was busy decorating his Grandmas Christmas tree at her house.

Monday, December 19, 2005


We all ate fresh baked peanut butter cookies for snack and then got the kids ready for bed. I think Matthew is planning to watch Son of the Mask on tv tonight. Ted is going to work on WORK stuff. I might edit some video or try and finish the book I'm trying to read. After supper I told Shane and Colby to calm down and get some books to read. Sometimes I use this trick to settle them. Only about half of the time does it work. Colby picked a book that had Bert and Ernie looking for toys in the attic or something. Anyways I asked Colby who that was and he said Bernie. I had to correct him and say it was Ernie, but I think he was just thinking about our good friend. We have a very close friend named Bernie who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Today he had some surgery on his lymph nodes and they got some good news. I have their blog listed on this page in the section "Keeping in our prayers".

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here are those pictures I mentioned I would post in my earlier blog. If you haven't checked out the picture from earlier today, look at it. Its of Shane at his first singing preformance. These pictures are of Ted, Shane and Matthew playing Connect Four. Colby was taking a nap so I got these shots of him later trying to show me a penny. We are officially on Christmas break for the next two weeks or so, keep checking back, I usually post new pictures just about everyday, give or take a few now and then.