Friday, December 30, 2005

The Room

Our friend Bernie graciously offered to help us "ONCE AGAIN" with the room we started in the summer. We are very thankful Bernie came over to help us. Some of you have been praying for Bernie because of the cancer they found in October. He is doing well. He has recovered from the recent surgery. He still has some more procedures (I think chemo) so, continue to lift him, his wife Stacy and Jessica their little girl up in your prayers. I've included a picture of Shane and Colby with Jessica. They've had so much fun playing with her latley.


Kari said...

Cute picture of Jessica and the red shirt Moore boys!

Stacy said...

Could this be the beginning of "Bernie & Ted's Excellent Adventure" or is it the "The Three Musketeers", hee hee. I'm glad they had fun playing together.