Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday the 31st

I ended up not going to the conference so you don't have to wait for me to post new pictures of the kids. These pictures are from this morning and this afternoon. This morning they were skating around the house with the (Sink from their kitchen) two loaf pans. Colby was wearing my shoes. I thought it was so funny. Later on they were happy to eat lunch and sit at their table since I moved it back into the kitchen area. Before lunch they were looking at books together. Shane was happy when he got to play with big boy stuff (The LiteBrite Easel) while Colby was napping.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


You can find out all about the Electronic House Expo at

I thought you might want to see a picture of how pretty and full of flowers our azalea bush was before all of the blooms fall off.

Monday, March 27, 2006


We've been listening to Vintage records on the internet. Some of the vintage records are really funny because of the sayings that are old fashioned that we don't use anymore. Everyone likes listening to the stories. Before that everyone was reading books in their room. I tried to get some pictures today. I took some in their room and some of Shane working on his handwriting. Colby just had to join in so I printed out a page for him too. Shane is really enjoying doing his schoolwork. I am taking it very easy and we are just working at a slow pace. He thinks it is fun so I'm not really pushing. Ted and I are going to go to a conference later on this week. It is EHX.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

TrimTrimminey Trim Trim

We attempted to prime the trim several times this weekend. We still have to get the hang of this diy stuff. Ted picked a dental molding (Because he got it for a DEAL) and it is hard to get the paint in it with a brush so we were trying to spray it but haven't had the best of luck with thinning the paint. All of this will really help us when we get to the other part of the house that need updating. It is interesting learning all of this new stuff. I still want to post the pictures I mentioned yesterday but I'm going to wait until the best time. Here are pictures from outside today. Matthew was changing inside since he had just mowed a small part of the yard. He got his picture in yesterday though.

Matches new friend

Matches is so friendly latley. He talks so much we have to tell him to be quiet. Tonight he didn't mind Lucas trying to talk to him and petting him. At one point Sawyer felt left out and tried to join in. Here are some pictures of Kari trying to catch it all in action. I took some really funny pictures tonight at Gampa's Birthday Party of Granma Valeri and Lori. I will be posting them tomorrow if I have enough time.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Where R the B4

Okay so some of you who come here to see pictures of the kids might not care about these pictures of empty rooms. I took them last night while the kids were in bed and everyone from my small group from church had left. (Nothing like having people over to get you motivated to clean) My good friends Stacy and Sarah both offered to have it at their house because of all of the stuff we had going on but I passed, so I could get this place straightened up. I should have taken before pictures because to all of you these pictures will mean really nothing. To Ted and I to see the house like this was so so so so great, ever since we had started back on the boys room addition our house has been so cluttered up. The main living room with the green couch had monitors on the couch, an window air conditioner, wood, big dog cage, two 27 in tvs, air compressor, saws, drills, so many tools and anything that had migrated into the additon room that needed to be put in the shed or garage area (Which was alot of stuff). The water got in that room after our little accident. The couch had to be pulled into the middle of the room. We had a narrow path leading through the room. (And I mean N A R R O W ) The office and playroom after the accident, had to have everything moved out of it (Including all of those Books but not the computer desk) to dry. I got the books and office somewhat put back together before we went camping. In the pictures of the medieval costumes you can see the empty wall behind the kids. On monday I slowly got started trying to put this place back together. I unpacked all of our camping gear and put it away along with doing laundry on Monday. I empytied a 122 qt plastic bin filled with paper junk and sorted it. (That took most of Tuesday) Wednesday night Ted took most of the heavy stuff out of the living room. On Thursday I skipped my usual shopping and stayed home and uncluttered all the little left overs (I should say BIG leftovers) The end result is the pictures I have posted minus a few drawers I stuffed to hide things in.

Living Room

Playroom and Office


New Laundry Room Curtains to hide the storage

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandpas

Here is a picture of Grandpa helping Matthew with T-ball when he was 5 or 6 around Springtime. Happy Birthday the 22nd Grandpa Dan.

Happy 84th Birthday Yesterday the 21st Pap-Pa

Monday, March 20, 2006

camping cont... part 1

I want to tell you so much about the camping trip but I really have to watch my computer time. It takes a few minutes to edit the pictures and figure out what to say. (A few minutes I don't really have) I am trying to recover from the week Ted was home that I didn't clean, the mess from the tools for the addition, mess from the washing machine accident, and then the mess from camping. For now I am going to post a few pictures with brief descriptions.

The first Night, we were about to make smores

Looking for Turtles and Alligators

They spotted one!

Shane throwing slime at Matthew

Fun at the Playground

Sunday, March 19, 2006

St Patricks Day weekend

Instead of celebrating St Patricks day here at home we went on a camping trip. It was Shane and Colby's first camping trip. We had so much fun. We went with the Cub Scout Pack that Shane will join in a year or so. This is the same Cub Scout Pack Matthew was a part of until he crossed over into the Boy Scout Troop. We went to the beautiful Magnolia Springs State Park.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Festival Continued

Last night was a Medieval celebration for Matthew's History/ Language Arts Class. He didn't have a part in the play this year. That is okay because the previous four years he had a large part and this year we said he could take a break. Even though he didn't really have much to do last night, I still have so much fun getting costumes together for everyone. Plus I think everyone expects that they are coming dressed up. I have done this for the past 5 years. My sewing machine broke while I was getting costumes ready in October. I had to be creative and find some way to get the costumes done. So, for the past few months I've been collecting things from the Goodwill that I thought that I could piece together for some knight outfits. I got the sword idea from a website where I almost bought them swords and shields (We didn't get the sheilds done in time) for a really high price. With some wood scraps and paint we already had I think their swords turned out pretty good. The small picture is of Matthew dancing. He and his partner thought something was hilarious. She is is the red and black dress. I won't be updating again for a few days.

Shane loves being a Knight

Colby didn't want to wear his boots anymore

Matthew making a plate of Medieval Food


Here are the costumes the boys wore tonight. I put these together with no Sewing Machine (Since it broke while making the Danny Phantom costume) I will explain tomorrow. I am going to add more pictures tomorrow of other stuff, but I have to get to bed now.

Hurry Up MOM the Gnats are biting us!

Now we have to take another one INSIDE UGH!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3 days later

Things are mostly dried out here. The wood floor is the only thing we are keeping our eye on now. The carpet is dry. We had the insurance people and the cleaning guys out. We are going to get the carpet in the playroom replaced sometime. I will post pictures when we do. The house is still turned upside down. When I posted we didn't realize that the living room got wet also. The drywall, painting and all that we going on had the house in disarray anyways. With the small flood now it is very very disorganized. It will eventually get back in place. I have had an allergy attack of sorts. Since we had fans blowing in every room of the house dust got everywhere. I guess you could say I am VERY allergic to dust. I have alot of congestion in my chest and sound like I have a really bad cold. I think my allergy pills only prevent so much. I can't imagine what recovery from a real flood or a hurricane would be like. We just had fresh washing machine water on our carpet and wood floor. The people in the hurricanes had their whole house under dirty water.
I haven't taken any pictures really so these are of Sawyer and Ted playing around from last week.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kink in Plans

Well for now we are going to be working on a new project. Waiting for Insurance Adjusters, and Service Pro to help us dry out our flooded house. The washer freaked out and flooded the boys new room (Carpetless Thank God) the Dining room wood floor, the Playroom carpet and Kitchen Tile (At least one room ~Kitchen~ is dry already)
I will probably not have much time to be on the computer. I will update next week I am sure. Happy Birthday Ean if I don't get to it tomorrow.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

More MSN Fun

Scroll down to see my post that has pictures of the kids. (For those of you who come here to see pictures of the kids)


Who has too much time on their hands to goof off.

The 11th

I was just thinking about what we were doing about a year ago. I was trying to remember when Ean was born (I think by old email's the 13th) I came across the emails asking everyone to pray for Matthew since he fell and ones of Matthew's face from last year. It seemed like a long time ago. I thought he would have a huge scar and be self concious. One year later, I've totally forgotten that he fell unless I come across and old email or it comes up in conversation. We were so blessed that Matthew healed really well. Thanks everyone for all of your prayers. Around a year ago was another Ian's 5th birthday. Soon after they found out he had cancer. Today is his 6th birthday and he is in treatment still. You can catch up on his progress at his website ( Today is also Valeri and Dan's anniversary. 14 years and 2 days ago I moved here and Ted and I had been married about 6 months. Time goes so fast. Our little friend turns 4 this week and we got to celebrate at her party today. Here are some pictures of the kids at her Clown / Circus Party.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Our House

You know Ted loves Google Earth but a fellow blogger sent me the link to Windows Live Local.
I think it is pretty cool. I got this picture of our house. Google earth didn't get that close. You can even see the swingset with the Yellow Slide in the backyard.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ted picked up these build it yourself Madagascar boxes for the kids months and months ago. I guess they are really cages. For anyone who has ever had a boy (maybe girls do this too) but our boys have always liked to trap or close up their stuffed animals, toys etc. Plus kids always love to put things in boxes including themselves. Examples A, B and C

Anyways Ted helped each boy seperately put them together. I only thought to get the camera out when it was Colby's turn. I added one at the end with everyone.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Oops I just realized I put the kids in the same exact shirts from the other day. I washed them and then folded them and kept the shirts in my room to put on the boys this week. Sometimes we end up wearing the same things over and over again if its at the top of their clothes pile.


I didn't post yesterday because I have felt terrible. I think the pollen has something to do with it. As I type this I have a huge headache. In a lot of places all across the country the Pollen Alert is HIGH! We are still busy trying to get the room worked on. So, we have drywall dust and paint fumes to help me with my headache. The kids have been playing outside and don't seemed to be bothered by the pollen. The only picture I got was of Shane playing Winnie the Pooh while everyone else watched. I didn't go outside today to take any pictures.