Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rainy Days

Orange leaves
Matthew and the rain

I got some videos processing on Google. For now you can view one on YouTube.

To see the video click here

Happy 3rd

A few hours old
Happy Birthday Colby

Yummy cake

Our little boy is now a big 3! He is no longer a little baby. We don't know what our life would be like without him. We all love him so much. We gave Colby his presents early this morning so he could have time to play with them. It remeinded me that I never got around to getting Shane's birthday present his camera fixed. It ended up being a cheapie. We had an old camera no one uses anymore so I put batteries in it and let Shane take whatever he wanted. I posted them on Yahoo. I will post a link below. I deleted one unflattering picture of Ted and I. My double chins were showing too much. I didn't want to scare you.

Click here for Shanes Pictures

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Street

Little Lightning Mcqueen
I thought it was time to post the picture of the neighbors Blow Up Yard Decorations. I know everyone has been dying to see what new thing they put up this year. They got a new Carousel decoration. The also got a Soldier Entrance way, but Matthew is covering that up (OOPSIE)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snip of our day

I got some of the decorations out today. Or I should say Matthew got the decorations down from the attic, while I stood on the ladder and directed him on which box to rifle through.

Click here for more pictures from Shane I think he let his friends use the camera too during Colby's birthday party.

Snip Get it???
Shane cutting out Alphabet Ornaments

Otherwise known as Nativity Collection area
Our fireplace decorated

Monday, November 27, 2006

"To build ...

may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day." Winston Churchill

I think I may need to remember that one!

It's holding me up
Matthew is next!

Here is what the kids built with their kapla blocks. All had a good time even Ted. We are still missing our buddy Matches. Smokey knows he isn't here. He is still looking for him. Its going to take awhile to get used to.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hello 3 Goodbye 15

Colby at his birthday party

Today we celebrated Colby's third birthday with our friends. We had a big pot of Chili, Nachos and snacks. We had out the Bounce House and sports stuff. They all had a good time. I was sort of out of it, because Ted wasn't here for a good part of the day. He is the more hospitable one and I didn't remember lot of things he would have. The past few days Matches had been acting a little wierd. By last night he was definalty sick. Ted took him to the vet the earliest opening they had. They recommended that he take Matches to the Animal Hospital for an overnight stay, and then follow up in the morning. When Ted got to the Animal Hospital and they reviewed his test results, they told Ted that he was really sick. His kidneys were failing him. If we rehydrated him it would just be days before he was really sick again. They were very nice about it and helped us with our descions. Tonight was Matches last night with us. Its is so hard to believe that Smokey's brother is gone. This is really tough and thanks everyone, who came to the party and were here with us today.

Ted holding Matches on the right

August 1991- November 26, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Some Moore Sushi

Super Sushi Eater

More Nemo Eggs

Sushi Tempura

I've been a little busy today and I didn't get any pictures. I hope I will get some tomorrow. These are from Friday when we took Colby out for Sushi. Thats what he wanted for his Birthday dinner. The owner recognized him, from the visit he and Ted made recently. She brought us a special dessert when she found out it was his birthday.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lots to be thankful for

Shane and friendsOur family is very blessed. We have alot to be thankful for. I have too many things so I won't list them here because I try to keep these posts short. Colby and I spent Thanksgiving at home and with our extended family. I got a few stuffing our faces with food pictures, but none good enough to post. I will spare my family since they weren't as nice as last years pictures. Colby spent most of the day hanging out with his Grandpa and getting into his stuff in his garage (His garage is his hangout place). Ted, Matthew and Shane spent Thanksgiving with some friends and their family. They were borrowing him for some wiring help.

Matthew and Shane in the crowd

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

Here is a Thanksgiving card I made online just for the blog. When you watch this, think of me singing this song to the kids. Thats the kind of stuff we do to the kids and the cats all the time. Everytime Ted or I start singing to Matches he runs away. I wonder why. CLICK HERE FOR THE CARD Click the lines below for different activities listed. Its just some Christmas stuff to get you started.

Make an Online Gingerbread House

Make an Advent Calendar


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Pjs

Matches loves to talk
Comfy new pajamas are the BEST!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lurkey Turkey

I spy a Turkey
So now we are obsessed with our neighbors Blow Up yard decorations. The kids were so excited when they saw them out in their yard today putting up the Turkey. Shane wanted to go over and say hi. He wanted to join in on the fun. We had lots of fun playing with some new friends today, but I forgot to be my usual paparazzi self and take pictures. Maybe next time. If you haven't checked out my Dr. Phil post check it our below.

Dr. Phil on Homeschooling

I just stumbled across an email about an upcoming show on Dr. Phil this week. I think it is supposed to air this coming Friday. It is an Anti: Homeschooling show. I'm not posting this to say that Homeschooling is the Only CHOICE or the BEST choice or whatever. I think each family needs to think over their own individual needs and pray about it and do what they feel called to do. Whether that is private school, public school or whatever. My purpose for this post it just to say before you believe what Dr. Phil's show airs on Friday please check out the following link to an article a Homeschooling mother wrote. The beginning part has some stuff about breastfeeding as background information. Skip this if you would like. The main content that I think is valuable starts in the fourth section entitled Radical Unschoolers. I don't want anyone to get their first exposure to the idea of Homeschooling from this television show. Alot of people love Dr. Phil and value what he has to say. I would hope that if this show is as negative as I think its going to be, that they would look at some other opinions.

Click 4 LINK -----> Homeschooler in Dr. Phil's audience

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our almost 3 year old

Time passing by
This is a variation of the invitation

I made for Colby's birthday this year.

Happy Places

Matthew's shot through the skylight
Here is another Tree picture. I know
B O R I N G !!! I added the clouds picture and the happiest Place on Earth picture for some excitement.

Look I'm so happy!

Tree Nov 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fix my pants please

... Mom can you fix my pants again please. All morning while Colby was wearing his cowboy boots he wanted his pant legs perfectly stuffed in his boots.

I love holding up things for you to take a picture of

Favorite pasttime swinging

Back to the drawing board

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Brownies and Friends

Having Brownies with friends!
Couldn't get any better than this.

Mouth full of brownie

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree Last night I got to see how to make a Jesse Tree. Its a type of advent tradition for Christmas. So far the only thing we have CONSISTANTLY done with the kids is read One Wintry Night the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Its too late for me to get a Jesse Tree done. I plan to make the last 5 of the decorations.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Visit

Adults on the blog
We got away this weekend and had a quick visit with my Aunt and her family. We had a great time and wish we could have visited longer. I'm so happy the kids got to see her. She has never met Shane before, she seen Matthew a few times and Colby once. I got lots of pictures and she got some too. I'll be posting more later.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Camping Last Wknd

I knew there would be a day this week that I wouldn't take any pictures. Today was that day. Ted came home from an out of town business trip. I had picking up and dropping off to do today. I also had friends over for our lifegroup so I didn't get one picture today. When Ted went camping the camera batteries went dead and I didn't send any extra batteries. I found the one shot of Matthew waiting in line for his breakfast. The other picture is of Ted's mess kit with frost all over it from the night when it got down to 27 degrees.

Oooh cold

MMMmmm breakfast

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Incredible Duo

Super Kids

... of BatSimba and Captain America. Target had their leftover Halloween stuff 90% off this week. I figured by today there would be nothing left. I managed to find Captain America, and Racing outfits. We also got a couple of 90% off tshirts too. Shane wore the Captain America outfit all night. They love to wear costumes and make believe, so I'm glad I found those real cheap. They really enjoyed Matthew taking out time to read to them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

There's a land that I heard of

Kids on our street
We finally caught some shots of the rainbow above our street. Ted took all of these great pictures before he realized I hadn't put the card back in the camera. Hmm that seems a little familiar latley. We've been using our card reader ever since we moved the office. I've been forgetting to take it out before I take pictures.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Chugga Chugga CHOO Choo

Our afternoon was filled with boys voices echoing Chugga Chugga Choo Choo and various variations of train sounds. Colby is much better today. He only coughs every once and awhile and his nose is alot better. I thought I had nipped a cold starting, but today my nose has been stuffed. I am at the point where I'm trying to decide if its allergies or a cold. Ted did get some pictures from the camping trip, but we've just haven't loaded them on the computer yet. I guess it gives me something to post later on this week.

Through the tunnel


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sports Sunday

Watching the fire
Well they got home from their camping trip in one piece with no frost bite. It got down to 27 degrees the first night. Thats not as cold as they have camped before, but last week our highs were 75 to 80 degrees so it was a change. We've had this cool sports game for awhile now but its been stuck in the hallway because of all of the mess around. We finally found a place for it and decided to play it again. We got this cool sports game from Jonathan. I played baseball and did really good.
Yesterday and today I posted more videos to Google. There is one more video at the beginning of yesterdays post.

CLICK HERE---> Colby playing the keyboard
(Cute with a glimpse of Sawyer)

CLICK HERE---> Car riding Video (Not too exciting)

2 points
Ted playing Basketball

Nice Pass
Matthew playing Football

What an arm
Shane playing Baseball

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Falling Pinecones

Click here for a new Google Video Oct 26th

Video was taken when those little girls were visiting

Big Helper
With Fall comes
F A L L I N G pinecones. We are usually the last on our street to get anything done in the yard. This morning after watching my 4th neighbor rake up pinestraw and get their yard cleaned up, I decided the least we could do was pick up the pinecones. I know I could rake up the pinestraw but honestly I am just lazy about that kind of stuff. I was hoping Matthew could just mow up the pinestraw. When I mentioned it to Ted twice in the past two weeks, he just commented there was no grass to mow. I can help too momIts great to even have time to do something in the yard. With all the renovations done for the time being, its so nice to be home. I feel less stressed and have been cleaning all sorts of stuff that I haven't gotten around to since we started over a year ago. Can you believe its been that long ? ? ? Last night I got the pantry all cleaned out. We had some stuff in there over a year old. Who KNEW! I haven't had a chance to get in there because I was constantly picking up tools or hiding tools, or paint or whatever. We have somewhat made the decision to not start any big house projects until after January.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Last Skate of 06

At the Rink
famous hide the face pose

Normally I am an overlly cautious mother that tries not to pass on germs. So, this morning, I knew Colby just looked and felt to bad to go to skating. The other times this has happenend I found a ride for Matthew and just stayed home. Well now theres Shane who enjoys going to visit with his friends just as much as all of us do. I was also preoccupied with getting Ted and Matthew ready for camping. I just didn't think about getting anyone a ride. I decided to go really late to skating just to have a few minutes to visit with people, and use the bathroom. All we care about is the toy Then it was on to the park. I held Colby the whole time at skating and at the park for a long while. After a little bit he played. I figured he would be miserable the rest of the day. He hasn't been so maybe we have had the worst of this cold. I haven't had to give him another dose of medicine and his nose isn't running as bad. Oh no its your mom with the camera again He is coughing more today, but he seems to be alot better. At the park Matthew was able to help out one of his friends with her upcoming science project. He along with alot of other moms and kids were test subjects for her experiement.

Hurry up and smile so we can go catch beetles again
Having fun with Friends

Colby riding
Taking turns

Shane riding
My turn now

Guinea Pig
All for Science