Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sports Sunday

Watching the fire
Well they got home from their camping trip in one piece with no frost bite. It got down to 27 degrees the first night. Thats not as cold as they have camped before, but last week our highs were 75 to 80 degrees so it was a change. We've had this cool sports game for awhile now but its been stuck in the hallway because of all of the mess around. We finally found a place for it and decided to play it again. We got this cool sports game from Jonathan. I played baseball and did really good.
Yesterday and today I posted more videos to Google. There is one more video at the beginning of yesterdays post.

CLICK HERE---> Colby playing the keyboard
(Cute with a glimpse of Sawyer)

CLICK HERE---> Car riding Video (Not too exciting)

2 points
Ted playing Basketball

Nice Pass
Matthew playing Football

What an arm
Shane playing Baseball

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