Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr. Phil on Homeschooling

I just stumbled across an email about an upcoming show on Dr. Phil this week. I think it is supposed to air this coming Friday. It is an Anti: Homeschooling show. I'm not posting this to say that Homeschooling is the Only CHOICE or the BEST choice or whatever. I think each family needs to think over their own individual needs and pray about it and do what they feel called to do. Whether that is private school, public school or whatever. My purpose for this post it just to say before you believe what Dr. Phil's show airs on Friday please check out the following link to an article a Homeschooling mother wrote. The beginning part has some stuff about breastfeeding as background information. Skip this if you would like. The main content that I think is valuable starts in the fourth section entitled Radical Unschoolers. I don't want anyone to get their first exposure to the idea of Homeschooling from this television show. Alot of people love Dr. Phil and value what he has to say. I would hope that if this show is as negative as I think its going to be, that they would look at some other opinions.

Click 4 LINK -----> Homeschooler in Dr. Phil's audience