Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun at the Fall Festival

Barrel Buddies
Here are more pictures from last night. The pictures from inside usually don't take well and the outside in the dark aren't the best either. I just posted them so everyone could see how much fun they had. I guess I didn't realize but Shane took off his hat right away and the wig kept getting in his way. Too bad I didn't notice last night he was probably getting tired of the wig. I had to take Colby to the Dr. today. He just has a cold but we thought he might have Step throat since he had been exposed to it. When we got to the Dr. today he was asking me if the Dr was going to take the Frog out of his throat. I just had to laugh. I am thankful he can tell me he has a frog in his throat. At least I know his throat is bothering him. Well the Dr. didn't get the frog out. Its just a little cold that he has to get over. He sounds terrible, but I'm sure he will be better before we get real busy the next couple of weeks. Shane is a teeny tiny bit sick but you can barely tell. I just hope I don't get it. These kids are way healthier than I am and I seem to keep colds for weeks, when I get them.

Purple Ga cheerleader
Inside at the fall Festival

Games Inside
BeanBag toss game

He rode this at leat 15 times in a row.
He didn't want to get out of the Barrel Ride

This is before having candy
Wild kids in the Barrel Ride

Notice the Nachos Matthew has in his hand
The Big Kids

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