Saturday, November 04, 2006

Falling Pinecones

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Video was taken when those little girls were visiting

Big Helper
With Fall comes
F A L L I N G pinecones. We are usually the last on our street to get anything done in the yard. This morning after watching my 4th neighbor rake up pinestraw and get their yard cleaned up, I decided the least we could do was pick up the pinecones. I know I could rake up the pinestraw but honestly I am just lazy about that kind of stuff. I was hoping Matthew could just mow up the pinestraw. When I mentioned it to Ted twice in the past two weeks, he just commented there was no grass to mow. I can help too momIts great to even have time to do something in the yard. With all the renovations done for the time being, its so nice to be home. I feel less stressed and have been cleaning all sorts of stuff that I haven't gotten around to since we started over a year ago. Can you believe its been that long ? ? ? Last night I got the pantry all cleaned out. We had some stuff in there over a year old. Who KNEW! I haven't had a chance to get in there because I was constantly picking up tools or hiding tools, or paint or whatever. We have somewhat made the decision to not start any big house projects until after January.

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