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Don't fence me in...

Line down the middle
Our neighbor recently added a nice privacy gate for us on the front of the house. He's been working on the side fence between our two houses. He just started last weekend, and this is what they got done this weekend. It is very nice and I'm thankful to have a new fence. I'm sure he isn't too thankful that Sawyer pooped in his yard last week. UGH!

Shane had just fallen off leaning over to reach something

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Work w/ dad

Skate with me please! thats what Colby begs for Shane to do

Matthew hasn't been around to take pictures of, because he has been at work with his dad. I've been trying unsucessfully to get some of that history project up on the web, I mentioned before. I'm not having any luck and I'm getting tired of waiting for stuff to upload on the web. I'm sure I'll get something worked out eventually, right now its just disappointing. Check out the Flickr pics for a few more from this week. PS I didn't realize YOU were checking to see I hadn't updated.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mini Trip over the wknd

Repeat of *last year! We had a good time last weekend even though Colby was very sick. Click the *links to see last years pictures.

Bambi Bush

*Matthew standing by the sign

Kids on the Pier

Fishing Pole *Pier

Trying to get well on the couch

Colby resting on the *couch.

Blue Coyote Food

*Take Out Dinner