Monday, January 09, 2006

As Promised

Here is the post I said I would post on Monday. We took plenty of pictures so I will probably be posting more pictures from out weekend tomorrow too. Ted planned a weekend away for us since he didn't get to take a Christmas Break from work. Business has been busy so he thought a weekend away for all of us would be nice. We've always wanted to stay at the Disney Resort on Hilton Head (where a good percentage of Ted's clients live) so thats where we went. We had a nice relaxing time. He did have to slip away Saturday night for a few hours to do some work related stuff but took Matthew along.

They had Family activites planned everyday, and a heated pool. The place where we stayed also had one of those HUGE bathtubs that had jets in it. I'm a bath person so I was in heaven. I've included some pictures and added captions. I also included the floor plan which I got the idea from Lindsey's blog from over the holidays. When I have a moment to spare (Probably in the next few months MAYBE) I will add a small section to our Disney webpage about our trip, for those of you who might want to take a vacation there.

Colby at the Beach House

Shane swings on the ropes near pool

Matthew in the living area

Lisa taking a nice bath

Ted fixing Tea in the kitchen

Matthew and Shane with Mr. B'Lu Crabbe


Lindsay said...

That looks really cool, glad you had a good time!

Kari said...

I am jealous about the bath! LOL My absolute favorite thing to do at hotels (especially nice ones) is take a big bubble bath!!!!

Stacy said...

Glad y'all had fun. We frequently get time share invitations to stay there for the weekend (and listen to the spiel), and I guess one of these we'll have to do that (and JUST SAY NO, unlike our other time share tour). You deserved the time away. Was the pool heated where you could swim in it?