Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting Ready

Ted and Matthew are getting ready for their big Annual Father Son Freeze out. And Freeze out is what they will be doing. I think this weekend here it is supposed to get down to 29 or something and they will be several hours away in the mountains FREEZING their behinds off. This will be the first Birthday that I don't get to spend with Matthew. I guess I am a little sad about that, but they can't miss the big camp out. We've been wanting to go to Disney and this weekend would have been great. Ted hinted at skipping the camping but he loves it too so he opted for camping. (Matthew would love going to Disney for a Birthday Celebration) Ted has been so busy and he is going to get even busier so we might not make it there until late spring.


Margie said...

Too bad no Disney Birthday, but you should come to California in June for the big wedding and take him to Disneyland and California Adventure. June 3rd is Kristens big day....Think about it.

Stacy said...

Wow, they must be cold. But, it looks like Ted's packing a portable heater to keep them warm inside. I hope they have fun. It's so good that Ted spends time with him like that.