Saturday, April 29, 2006


new blue
I tried to learn this when I was younger.
We will see how it goes this time around.

Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28th

Matthew and Shane called Aggie this afternoon. We all miss her and we don't call her often enough. Shane gets so excited to talk to her. Of course Matthew does too but it is nice to see Shane want to talk to her so bad.
Please keep our nephew Lucas and especially his mom Kari in your prayers. He has been slow to gain weight and he has to go to neurologic specialist for more testing. He is a happy healthy boy, and Ted and his sisters weren't big children so hopefully Lucas is just a slow grower like them. In the meantime pray for Kari to be at peace. Its hard to be a mom these days with all the worries that are around. Also keep Aggie in your prayers. She needs to make some better grades this next 6 weeks, for high school.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Birds and Toys

We got a new birdfeeder a little while ago and we have been enjoying all of the birds that come and eat. I also found a really cool toy today for myself. I knew this was rare because I saw it once (I think 8 years ago) and didn't buy it and looked it up on ebay where it had just sold for $100 dollars. I haven't seen another one until today. I love collecting vintage playsets. I have had alot of the Fisher Price ones and sold a bunch when Matthew was young on ebay before I realized what I was parting with. Now the few pieces I have picked up at thrift stores, I probably won't get rid of them. All of the pieces I have are pretty banged up so I let the kids play with them too.

April 27th

Hi everyone! This is just a quick hello, as I am really pressed for time today. I have so much to do, like I'm sure everyone else has as well. I took this picture this morning on our way out the door. We are supposed to go camping this weekend too, so I don't know how well I will do with updating. Don't be afraid to comment. We'd love to hear that you are stopping by to see our site.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Moore chores

I am trying to catch up on the laundry and the mess that has piled up around here. Matthew needed to finish up his schoolwork so, I thought I'd give Shane's cleaning skills a try. He dusts and helps out alot but this was his first time drying dishes (With Me) I think he has helped his Grandma a few times.

Drying the dishes (Notice the kid doing schoolwork in the background)

Two brothers looking at pictures

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


GooselingsATTENTION: Pictures added below
Matthew had Tennis today, and I took the boys to the park during his lesson. We usually don't go to this park, but there are tennis courts, skating ring, playground, rc race track, basketball and a lake. I think Shane wasn't even sure it was a park since we pass it about 2 or 3 times a week. Now that he and Colby know, I'm sure I won't hear the end of it. I used to take Matthew to this park at least once a week, but now we prefer some of the smaller parks, or the parks that have LESS people. Blue Slide I am posting this before we leave for Boy Scouts. Tonight the Cub Scout pack (That Matthew was a part of) is crossing over two Webelos into Boy Scouting. Tonight is a big deal in Cub Scouting. So I have to post quick. We still have to get Matthews uniform and the cameras ready. We all had fun at the park. It's HOT out here! I didn't get any pictures of Matthew AGAIN! His Tennis class is HUGE and I didn't want to take anyones picture and have some child's mom freak out since I am the Papaparazzi (I'm not sure how to spell that) I'm going to get a picture of Matthew in his full Scout uniform before we leave. I've also been trying to load pictures of Shane and Colby and it keeps messing up so I will add those later on too.
Chasing a Goose

Colby at the park
Scooting in the tube

Shane at the park
Climbing the rock sculpture

Matthew at scouts
Look at his TAN from this weekend

Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24th

Smiling BIG

First thing this morning we had a visitor to play with. She kept us busy and the boys had fun. Shane ended up going to play at her house with her sister. Matthew missed a day of schoolwork Friday so he was busy catching up. He is going to be busy tomorrow doing Tennis so I never even got a picture of him. He was so busy doing chores and school related stuff (Or reading his video game GUIDEBOOK). I guess thats the price you have to pay to do fun extra curriculuar activities. He didn't have to turn in his work last week because of the field trip, so we were kind of lax and have to make up for it this week.

Gardening is FUN
Colby watering the Tomato plant

I'm eating my spinach so I can have my mouse dessert

Sunday, April 23, 2006

April Camping

Part of the Scout Group
Rope Bridge
Matthew in the kayak
Here are the pictures that Ted took from their recent camping trip. Click on each picture to see a larger version.

Storm about to roll in

Post later

Ted and Matthew got home and I think Ted took some pictures, I will post them later on. I have somewhere to go and will be back later. I will at least post camping pictures by tomorrow I hope.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


While Ted and Matthew were gone I had planned on getting to the little boys clothes boxes I had Ted get down from the attic a week ago. I've been putting off getting Colby's summer clothes down too long. I knew this was the OVERALLS box, so I was dreading this. I probably had 30 pairs of overalls in the 18/24mths-2t size in the attic. 30 maybe a low estimate. I went through all of the clothes and I have a pretty big box of stuff I'm not going to store anymore. It just doesn't make sense to keep all of this stuff. In the meantime Colby really doesn't like overalls. Shane doesn't like them that much but I convinced him to wear some today. By the time I figured out I thought the Navy pair was too small he was even ready to put on another pair. Colby on the other hand threw a fit. I guess I am going to try for awhile to put Colby in overalls before adding them to the big give away box. I used to put Matthew in overalls all the time, but now its not really the style I see myself putting Shane and Colby in.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Want TO

This is one HAPPY dog

Ted and Matthew just left for another camping trip. Sawyer got to hang out with Ted while he was unloading work stuff, and loading camping stuff from the van. Latley Sawyer and Ted have been buddies working on the room together. I've got enough things to keep me busy this weekend.Van Almost Packed up
Matthew and I went shopping for his group in scouts. Another boy and his mom joined us. We let the boys pick out everything. (Thats what we are supposed to do) It was pretty interesting watching them looking for bargains, different brands and so on. When we got back I noticed Shane and Colby had each others shirts on. I mentinoned it to Ted and he said they had been put back in each others stacks. I told Colby that he was wearing Shane's shirt, and today was the only day he would be wearing it. Then he said "I can wear it if I want to" Which is really smartalick. If you spent anytime with him you would know he says funny things like that all the time. His most common saying is "Can I want some more juice?" instead of Can I have some more juice? So even though the shirt thing sounds so smartalick I think what he really means is I want to wear this shirt. I try and tell him what he is saying is rude but, I don't think he gets that yet. By the way the picture of all of the boys isn't messed around with. I just sharpened it (Like I do MOST pictures). It looks weird but I didn't do any tricky pasting or anything. Colby's face and Shane's hand with the ball was circled and sharpened more than the first sharpen. I will always post when I do fancy editing, except for that one time I posted the weirdo swing picture from awhile back.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Field Trip Pics

Like I posted earlier, I might have some pictures Matthew took himself to post. it was an Architecture field trip. They have been studying different types of architecture from different time periods.Also I forgot to tell everyone that my friend who had us over to her house after the park today has a bird. Colby loved her and wasn't afraid at all. She took her out of the cage so all of the boys could see her (Artie? Arty?) and the bird was a little upset with all of those boys around. She got upset and FLEW around the room and decided to land on my head. Once my friend tried to get her off she scooted back further onto the back of my neck. I was a little freaked out (Mostly I didn't want her to poop on me like she did earlier on my friends shoulder) But that beats any my cat is evil stories anyday. Because I don't think Matches has ever attacked anyone or anything but our pastors bible that one time.

5 boys

Where is the spider now?
Matthew and his class went on a field trip today. One of my friends got all of the little brothers together today while the older brothers were on their field trip. All of these little boys except Colby were born around the same time. We were all pregnant together and we used to get together with all of our kids before Shane was born. Shane has known these guys since they were babies. Its just neat that these guys have had each other for playmates for 4+ years now. Two of the ladies have 3 boys also and have had no girls.

I took Colby along thinking I would have to leave early because he would need a nap. He hung in there until 4:30 and then on the way home he fell asleep. (We have our lifegroup tonight so we can't let him miss his nap today) I've included pictures of these little guys. Matthew took our old camera with him today. Later on tonight I will see if there is anything I can put on here from his field trip. (He won't get home until later)

Merry Go Round

All of the GUYS

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Right before Piano the wind started blowing and a quick storm rolled in. The lightning was pretty strong. I decided I would wait 15 more minutes until we left. The storm was a 5 minute thing. I took Matthew to Piano and found out they canceled Tball. So no tball pictures yet. (The practice had been rescheduled because of Easter) I happened to be outside getting a picture of my one lone rose, and I spotted a spider hiding inside the bud. I forgot to fertilize my rosebush and I guess it makes a difference. Sawer finally cooperated with me and I got a picture I like of him.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Work, Practice and Play

OHHHH Gross Daddy
Today we woke up to a suprising morning of mist. Matthew had his first Tennis practice scheduled for two hours this morning. I tried to talk Ted into taking all of the family to enjoy the park that Matthew was going to play at. This was all before I looked out of the window and saw the Rain Mist. He had work to do on the computer anyways. We both fell back asleep (I just knew Colby would come in ready for his juice first thing) He held off for 30 mins later than normal so that was nice to get an extra half hour of sleep. Matthew and I decided to drive to Tennis (Just in case) Good thing we did because the courts were dry and they had the practice as planned. He was chilly though because we didn't realize how cool it was. (Don't worry though it is back to normal warm warm temperatures now that I am posting this) This morning during tennis practice I got to go to a store (ALL BY MYSELF on a WEEKDAY) and then when I got back to pick up Matthew I read for 30 minutes without interuption (Since I was in the car ALONE waiting for Matthew) Ted got his work done on the computer and started in on his van after I got home. Matthew and Ted have camping this week so he is busy doing his work and practice for Piano and Tennis. I have my big FEFC meeting tonight and I am excited because we are having a special speaker.

Headphones help me concentrate
Practicing away! He is already working
on his Spring recital piece.

Wheel Bearings
Working some more!

Mommys secret to 5 minutes of PEACE

Mommy, I want to mix up all the pieces
before I put it together.

I love my Daddy!

While you were napping Daddy was working on the car.