Thursday, April 13, 2006

InSiDe Clip

If you haven't checked on Ian and his progress latley, they have found some spots in his lung that they are thinking maybe fungus. I'm not sure if any of you kept up with John Michael, but he has been battling the fungus stuff for awhile and he seems to be on his way to complete healing from that. Here is the link to Ian's page
Click Here-------> Ian's caringbridge site.
(You can find Ian's link in A few Moore on the right.)

Here is another small video. Click on the blue box that says I haven't heard of no TUV This is for the full size video.

Also Google finally has some videos on it that I uploaded in the beginning of February.

To View a video of Shane Playing
Click Here -----> Shane playing Cowboy and Indians

To View a video of animal feeding time
Click Here ------> Cat Bood (Food)

We have more videos that are from awhile ago on our video page. Some of those videos are hosted on a free host but sometimes they take awhile to load. I am wondering what to do about hosting my video. I can try and load videos on my free comcast space (I am running out of room here) or I can use another free host (Sometimes these take a long time to download, I don't mind but you all might) Or I can continue to use You Tube.

You can't view the video as big on You Tube. I'm not sure how many of you would like to see the full size version. For those of you who would rather watch a video with the player embedded on the page here is the video:

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Lindsay said...

I love it, also I LOVE how Matches was helping out.