Thursday, April 20, 2006

Field Trip Pics

Like I posted earlier, I might have some pictures Matthew took himself to post. it was an Architecture field trip. They have been studying different types of architecture from different time periods.Also I forgot to tell everyone that my friend who had us over to her house after the park today has a bird. Colby loved her and wasn't afraid at all. She took her out of the cage so all of the boys could see her (Artie? Arty?) and the bird was a little upset with all of those boys around. She got upset and FLEW around the room and decided to land on my head. Once my friend tried to get her off she scooted back further onto the back of my neck. I was a little freaked out (Mostly I didn't want her to poop on me like she did earlier on my friends shoulder) But that beats any my cat is evil stories anyday. Because I don't think Matches has ever attacked anyone or anything but our pastors bible that one time.


Lindsay said...

Good job on the pictures Matthew. I think he takes after his paparazzi mom. HA!

Kari said...

Matthew's pictures are really good! I love the butterfly (or is it a moth? Are there brown butterflies?)one the best!

weathergirl05 said...

I bet Matthew really enjoyed his trip downtown, really cool moth. It was really camoflauged.