Friday, April 21, 2006

Want TO

This is one HAPPY dog

Ted and Matthew just left for another camping trip. Sawyer got to hang out with Ted while he was unloading work stuff, and loading camping stuff from the van. Latley Sawyer and Ted have been buddies working on the room together. I've got enough things to keep me busy this weekend.Van Almost Packed up
Matthew and I went shopping for his group in scouts. Another boy and his mom joined us. We let the boys pick out everything. (Thats what we are supposed to do) It was pretty interesting watching them looking for bargains, different brands and so on. When we got back I noticed Shane and Colby had each others shirts on. I mentinoned it to Ted and he said they had been put back in each others stacks. I told Colby that he was wearing Shane's shirt, and today was the only day he would be wearing it. Then he said "I can wear it if I want to" Which is really smartalick. If you spent anytime with him you would know he says funny things like that all the time. His most common saying is "Can I want some more juice?" instead of Can I have some more juice? So even though the shirt thing sounds so smartalick I think what he really means is I want to wear this shirt. I try and tell him what he is saying is rude but, I don't think he gets that yet. By the way the picture of all of the boys isn't messed around with. I just sharpened it (Like I do MOST pictures). It looks weird but I didn't do any tricky pasting or anything. Colby's face and Shane's hand with the ball was circled and sharpened more than the first sharpen. I will always post when I do fancy editing, except for that one time I posted the weirdo swing picture from awhile back.

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Kari said...

too funny about the shirts!