Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Here are some more pictures. I didn't post my favorite from the backyard. I think I will post it to Flikr later on and I haven't had time to get with Matthew about the Orlando shots from Ted's phone. Tonight Matthew's scout group had their Annual Olympic competition. It was so buggy with Gnats outside I didn't take an pictures of any of the events. I think all of the boys have pretty much said next year it will be a Winter Olympics since the gnats have a smaller chance of being out. We got to eat food from all of participating countries (Britain (Matthew's group) Italy and Australia) Colby fell down and scraped his same knee that he hurt at Piano last week. He was running and got a rug burn last week. Tonight he was running and scraped it on the concrete parking lot.

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Lindsay said...

I am jealous of the sun and heat, not the gnats though, we have had nothing but rain here and we are all sick of it.