Thursday, April 20, 2006

5 boys

Where is the spider now?
Matthew and his class went on a field trip today. One of my friends got all of the little brothers together today while the older brothers were on their field trip. All of these little boys except Colby were born around the same time. We were all pregnant together and we used to get together with all of our kids before Shane was born. Shane has known these guys since they were babies. Its just neat that these guys have had each other for playmates for 4+ years now. Two of the ladies have 3 boys also and have had no girls.

I took Colby along thinking I would have to leave early because he would need a nap. He hung in there until 4:30 and then on the way home he fell asleep. (We have our lifegroup tonight so we can't let him miss his nap today) I've included pictures of these little guys. Matthew took our old camera with him today. Later on tonight I will see if there is anything I can put on here from his field trip. (He won't get home until later)

Merry Go Round

All of the GUYS


Anonymous said...

Our Future!!! How handsome!!

Kari said...

the flower is SOOOO pretty!!!!

Kari said...

oh and the picture of all the little guys is cute!

weathergirl05 said...

All those little boys are so cute. I also enjoyed the pictures of the storm. Guess where I was? One guess, the mall. The flowers are great. You are a great photographer. Tripp has some pix like that on our flickr page.

Lindsay said...

that is really neat they will be friends for life.

weathergirl05 said...

How did you change the heading thing? By the way thanks for your sweet comments on Sarah's pix on flickr.