Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Work, Practice and Play

OHHHH Gross Daddy
Today we woke up to a suprising morning of mist. Matthew had his first Tennis practice scheduled for two hours this morning. I tried to talk Ted into taking all of the family to enjoy the park that Matthew was going to play at. This was all before I looked out of the window and saw the Rain Mist. He had work to do on the computer anyways. We both fell back asleep (I just knew Colby would come in ready for his juice first thing) He held off for 30 mins later than normal so that was nice to get an extra half hour of sleep. Matthew and I decided to drive to Tennis (Just in case) Good thing we did because the courts were dry and they had the practice as planned. He was chilly though because we didn't realize how cool it was. (Don't worry though it is back to normal warm warm temperatures now that I am posting this) This morning during tennis practice I got to go to a store (ALL BY MYSELF on a WEEKDAY) and then when I got back to pick up Matthew I read for 30 minutes without interuption (Since I was in the car ALONE waiting for Matthew) Ted got his work done on the computer and started in on his van after I got home. Matthew and Ted have camping this week so he is busy doing his work and practice for Piano and Tennis. I have my big FEFC meeting tonight and I am excited because we are having a special speaker.

Headphones help me concentrate
Practicing away! He is already working
on his Spring recital piece.

Wheel Bearings
Working some more!

Mommys secret to 5 minutes of PEACE

Mommy, I want to mix up all the pieces
before I put it together.

I love my Daddy!

While you were napping Daddy was working on the car.

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weathergirl05 said...

What is reading for 30 minutes without interuption like? Who was the speaker at the meeting?