Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Right before Piano the wind started blowing and a quick storm rolled in. The lightning was pretty strong. I decided I would wait 15 more minutes until we left. The storm was a 5 minute thing. I took Matthew to Piano and found out they canceled Tball. So no tball pictures yet. (The practice had been rescheduled because of Easter) I happened to be outside getting a picture of my one lone rose, and I spotted a spider hiding inside the bud. I forgot to fertilize my rosebush and I guess it makes a difference. Sawer finally cooperated with me and I got a picture I like of him.


Kari said...

sawyer is such a sweet boy

Lindsay said...

AWESOME pictures, you truely are the paparazzi. I just noticed you new "heading" I guess that is what it is, the top of your blog. COOL!