Friday, April 07, 2006

Skating on the rink

I didn't think we were going to make it to skating today. Last night after I updated the blog at 2:40 something, I went to bed to find Colby awake in my room. He never went back to sleep until 7 am. I woke him up around 9:00 and managed to still get out of the house and get us all to skating. I didn't get any sleep last night though. Here are pictures of them skating today. They are really dark because the lighting in the rink isn't good at all. Colby was ready to get out there but Shane was hesitant. Colby really decided he didn't want to once he saw Shane wasn't doing it. One time I was fixing Shane's skate and Colby thought I was taking it off and freaked out and said Mommy put back on Shane's skate. I let them skate on their own after I saw they could do it. I was probably thought of as a terrible parent because Colby asked someone else to help him get his skates off when he was done. This week I have noticed so much that they are growing up too fast, right before my eyes. I try to remember that even though I get frustrated somedays (LIKE Wednesday) these days won't be here long. Its even proven by the fact that Matthew is now so big and he first learned to skate and make new freinds on that very same rink 8 years ago. It was so hot at the park afterward I didn't get pictures there.

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Kari said...

wow that is pretty cool! I still can't rollerblade and the last time I skated I had to stick near the wall because I was scared I would fall down and your little guys are so fearless... even if Shane was hesitant at first.