Monday, April 03, 2006

2 Moore Pics

I took the Broccoli picture saturday at lunchtime. Shane said he likes broccoli the raw way not in soup or wet! They even ate more broccoli for dinner tonight. (They tried to pull their gag routine on squash and zuccini) Now Matthew always loved Broccoli and Spinach so back then I couldn't understand kids who didn't like certain foods. After a few more kids, and having a real close friend (No names Fear factor Turkey sandwich MAN) who is picky, I've come to understand it alot better. I realize now that it probably doesn't have much to do with the parents. On another note: Wow Ted got home and got the Crown and the baseboards all put in the room. (Real QUICK) We still have to fill in the gaps with caulk and the color on the wall is just the base coat. The room will look totally different. We are one step closer. We do have several weekend things planned this next month so progress will still keep to a slow pace but that is okay. I'm going to start keeping less posts on the main page again.

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