Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28th

Matthew and Shane called Aggie this afternoon. We all miss her and we don't call her often enough. Shane gets so excited to talk to her. Of course Matthew does too but it is nice to see Shane want to talk to her so bad.
Please keep our nephew Lucas and especially his mom Kari in your prayers. He has been slow to gain weight and he has to go to neurologic specialist for more testing. He is a happy healthy boy, and Ted and his sisters weren't big children so hopefully Lucas is just a slow grower like them. In the meantime pray for Kari to be at peace. Its hard to be a mom these days with all the worries that are around. Also keep Aggie in your prayers. She needs to make some better grades this next 6 weeks, for high school.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Just checking in, we read your posts almost everyday and love the pictures.
We went through a lot of testing when Hayley was about 2, because she was so small, I'll keep your sister and Lucas in my prayers.
~Andrea Rosewall

Kari said...


Also, I love the Shane phone picture so much... because of how he is on the phone... I still have a message of him on our answering machine talking to Jadie because I can't bring my self to erase it... It is old... over a year and a half :)