Friday, November 03, 2006

Last Skate of 06

At the Rink
famous hide the face pose

Normally I am an overlly cautious mother that tries not to pass on germs. So, this morning, I knew Colby just looked and felt to bad to go to skating. The other times this has happenend I found a ride for Matthew and just stayed home. Well now theres Shane who enjoys going to visit with his friends just as much as all of us do. I was also preoccupied with getting Ted and Matthew ready for camping. I just didn't think about getting anyone a ride. I decided to go really late to skating just to have a few minutes to visit with people, and use the bathroom. All we care about is the toy Then it was on to the park. I held Colby the whole time at skating and at the park for a long while. After a little bit he played. I figured he would be miserable the rest of the day. He hasn't been so maybe we have had the worst of this cold. I haven't had to give him another dose of medicine and his nose isn't running as bad. Oh no its your mom with the camera again He is coughing more today, but he seems to be alot better. At the park Matthew was able to help out one of his friends with her upcoming science project. He along with alot of other moms and kids were test subjects for her experiement.

Hurry up and smile so we can go catch beetles again
Having fun with Friends

Colby riding
Taking turns

Shane riding
My turn now

Guinea Pig
All for Science

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