Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13th

Well Shane was sick through the night. He threw up again after a light snack. he said he was hungry and thirsty so he ate a bagel and a banana. We missed Tball this morning so he could reserve his energy. After a while Ted put up their new Sports bounce house (Sportcraft AIR-Ena) We let Colby go out first and then Shane saw him outside so we let him join in. Ted saw that Shane wasn't looking too good so we collapsed the house and made Shane come inside to rest. We didn't want him to overdo it. He isn't eating that well, but seems to be fine.
I am the only one who might be feeling a little bad. I hope its just something else. None of us made it to the Graduation party either. Ted and I got alot done on the room. He cut most of the wood we need for the doors we were building. One is to go around the water heater, one was for the access hole to the washer drain. He cut new trim for the attic access. We got some of the projects primed and we primed the baseboards.


Kari said...

I hope everyone is feeling better!

Also, I was excited it was your birthday the other day so I had an excuse to send you a birthday card with the Mack-na nose stamp.

Oh and I got that Disney lithography I won to give you guys. It looks really cool I just figured you would all appreciate it more than us. I would just save it for Christmas or something but it is such a long time away so the next time I see you guys I will give it to you.

I also have 3-6 month clothes to bring back to you.

Anonymous said...

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