Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2nd

During tennis today we spent some time at the park again. We saw the same Geese family as last week. I will post a picture of the geese tomorrow. Whew it was a WARM day. By the time we got home everyone was tired and ready to drink lots of water. If I have small pictures on the blog, you can click on the pictures to see a larger size. I have a new video uploaded today from the park. Click on the You Tube play button in the window for the streaming version. I think the other version is a bigger file and it might look better. (I didn't post the best quality this time around) I have the other version uploaded and you can download the video ---> CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Also for more videos check our Video page link in the Moore Places section off to the right.


Stacy said...

We went to Lake Mayer Saturday and saw a little flock (gaggle ?) of baby ducks--they were so cute. We also saw a mother duck sitting on about 5 big eggs. She wasn't too happy at us peeking.
Didn't know y'all were taking tennis. I love tennis and haven't played in years.

Anonymous said...

Great pick for music!!
I am impressed as always. I heard that sneaky little laugh of Shane's when he scared the birds away. I love it!! Too Cute!