Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Watching the Game
Last night I got my birthday present from Ted, it was an Ipod. We are learning how to put our music on it. I have to find some program to convert our homevideos so I can watch them on there too. Yesterday Ted told me we were going to meet someone for lunch to celebrate our birthday's together. I was excited and just wondered about where we were going to eat. When we got to the resturant I was a little worried because I knew that they didn't like Sushi. Ted decided we should go inside to see the menu and check out if there was anything on it that they might eat. When we got inside it was two of my good friends waiting to suprise me. Boy they did suprise me. I guess they all had been talking for a few days to get this all together. Ted ended up taking care of two little girls today 4 and 1, so their mom could suprise me. I guess he could have taken another 2 year old girl (Whose mom had to miss out) too if we had thought about it. (Sorry) He picked the girls up from their preschool and took them all to the mall, fed them lunch and let them play at one of those indoor playgrounds. Thanks everyone for my big suprise. That was very nice. Later on we had our first Tball game of the season. I have posted another video on to YOU TUBE. There is no cool music this time. Just so you could get the feel of the cheering and so on.

Click here for the video


Kari said...

Glad your birthday got off to a GREAT start! Oh and WOW an ipod!!! So are you going to start using itunes now (they have at least 2 free songs a week on there) I am addicted to it and I don't even have an ipod (yet) :)

Stacy said...

Those videos are cool! I hadn't visited in a while, and I heard Linda talking about the videos & wanted to see.
So glad you enjoyed your surprise, :o)