Thursday, May 18, 2006

BB Ear

Botticelli painted The Birth of Venus
I worked on costumes last night and part of this morning. Matthew was going to his class this morning as Botticelli the painter. He has been studying the Renaissance and Reformation times in history this year. I had fixed Shane a new Pirate shirt, and I had our old ( Captain Feathersword pirate shirt for Colby) Pirate shirts can double for Renaissance garb. Anyways I drove Matthew to class and spent the rest of the morning getting some thank you gifts for Matthews teachers. I ran home to sew one more piece of lace on Shanes shirt and get them in their costumes. I knew Colby didn't like the pirate shirt and figured I wouldn't fight with him to wear it. He threw a fit this morning when I put a plain tshirt on him because I told him yesterday that he would be a pirate for Matthew's class. I had to explain that the shirt was for later. We were running late and I managed to get Shane in his costume presents ready and Colby's pullup changed. (He didn't want to wear a pirate shirt so I didn't push) Halfway to the class Colby informs me that he has a bb stuck in his ear. (We have had a few airsoft bbs floating around the house since our camping trips) At class I got out of the car and realized I should take him somewhere instead of stay at class. NOT FOR EARSThe bb was the perfect fit for a two year old ear canal. I left Shane at class, and took Colby to the Dr. We had to wait to be seen, but Colby wasn't worried or wasn't even crying. He let the nurse look at him and hold his head and he had a LONG conversation with her about where the bb had come from and so on. He even told her it was too hard to get out. (When no one was in the room he was saying lets let them get it out so I can play with it and have it again) He also noticed the number on the room #2 and he said Hey I'm two! I told him he was so smart. He didn't know that he had a 7 on his shirt. I think he must know the number two since he is two. When the Dr (really the nurse practioner) came in she said we would have to hold him down and try and get it out but she said he would probably have to go to an ENT dr. I asked about Shane getting shots at his 5 year old visit in a few weeks and Colby told her I'm turning 6 next. She got some tools from the drawer and got the bb out right away. He didn't cry or complain. Rest for MOM It was really weird like I took a stranger to the Dr. He was so friendly to everyone, even the sweet girl who is in our homeschool group that works there. (Its just strange because not to long ago he didn't want to be bothered by anyone) I am posting a picture of the bb next to a penny so you can see for size comparison. Colby fell asleep right away in the car ride back to class, even though it wasn't nap time. I was so tired after I got Matthew from class I just put them in front of the tv. We have our home group tonight so I wanted a few moments of quiet.


Kari said...

Oh wow!!! You had a VERY busy day! I'm glad that you had such a positive experience getting the BB out!

Lindsay said...

We better not ever get Ean and Colby together, who knows what they will get into, they might take over the world.