Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22nd

Trim bucket and BrushWell for the past two days we have been painting the trim. I think we have the baseboards done. Ted of course is doing most of the work and I am just helping here and there. I guess the molding is going to take several coats. I feel better today, This is SOOO Much fun!but yesterday I felt pretty bad for most of the day. When Colby woke up from his nap you could tell he was sick. He is running around like a wild man now so I guess he doesn't feel as bad as I did.

Please don't tell Jonathan that we are at this stage of painting the crown molding because he loves to paint especially crown. He would be knocking down our door to come help us paint the crown molding.

Ahh fluids




Kari said...

Painting sucks!

Why is matthew reading that book?

Kristen & Scott said...

Hey crazy lady. I finally caved in and I am blogging now. It is so crazy how much Ted and my brother Donnie look alike. I will have to post some pictures on mine of all us California people. Everytime I look at your pictures of Ted it is almost like I'm looking at my brother. They really are cousins. Anyways talk to ya later. Love ya guys and miss you lots!