Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12th

Update to post 9:18 pm UH OH we might not be going to any tball or graduation party tomorrow depending on how Shane feels. Shane just puked in Jonathan's yard while Ted was picking up our new Jumping Sports Bounce House. Ted had to drive home with a dog PEED in seat (Sawyer peed in Ted's seat when they were there too) and with a Puke sick boy for 45 mins. They made it home and now Shane is resting watching Dreamer for the second time before I return it to Netflix. Scroll down for my post from earlier..

Colby riding the duck merry-go-round

Shane having a lightsaber duel during skating.

Today was our last skate and park day for the school year. That first picture on the left is Matthew doing the Hokey Pokey. Followed by Matthew, Colby and friends on the Merry-go-round duckies. The last small picture is Shane and Colby digging under neath the big slide (One of the only places with shade) You can click all of these small pictures to view a larger size.I convinced Ted to join me today. He picked us up some yummy Publix subs for lunch and helped with Colby and Shane. We got home and then left again quickly for Sams Club to get up supplies for our Bi-Annual SURVIVOR party! It usually falls on Mother's Day. This year we are celebrating with a American Idol season finale Party too. Another friend is hosting that one. So, we are expanding our horizons. LOL We have a few other parties and tball, graduation parties, wrapping up the end of the year with all of our activies, and all sorts of stuff to keep us busy over the next week or two. Next weekend is a Prayer Journal conference one of my best friends is teaching. I am excited about that one. My posts might be on the lite side and you all will know why. Hmm I think we still have to work on the boys bedroom too.

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