Friday, May 19, 2006


Just keep swimming!
Here are some afternoon sunshine pictures. These are after naps and a little before dinner. Shane just didn't want to spend as much time outside so his picture is of him wearing his new radio and watching Nemo. He hasn't been eating all that much latley and he isn't jumping around like he normally does. I think when he gets those GI type viruses they just literally wipe him out. Matthew for his whole life gets it and throws up once maybe twice and is himself the next day. This is Shane's 3rd or 4th time getting this type thing. He seems better after a day and then seems tired or slower for a week or more afterward. Thats why this time we made him rest right away. So he isn't throwing up he is just really tired and has NO appetite. He will probably feel alot better once he feels up to eating a little more. Lazing around We didn't really realize it at first since we have been constantly on the go this week. Shane isn't sick or contagious (We think) he is just tired. We have also had at least three really late nights this week (Shane is the latest one to get up in the morning). That can wipe a kid out too.

Never too big for a sandbox
Lookie the treasure I just found
Whats going to happen if I throw sand at Mommy's camera?

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Kari said...

I hope Shane is back to feeling better soon. I guess it is better he got sick and over it BEFORE his birthday!