Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8th

May 8th collage
I had alot going on today. Most of the time when I catch pictures of Shane and Colby it's during the time when matthew is doing his schoolwork (The morning or right before lunch) After lunch I get busy and run errands or so on so no pictures of Matthew. I don't want to favor the boys in pictures it just works out this way. I know people with kids that are different ages, and spread apart can relate to this. Just so everyone knows I'm not forgetting Matthew. Needless to say he has his eyes closed in the one picture I took of them. I'm not going to post it now because I am going to try and retake it later on another day. I haven't gotten alot done on the web but I've been making dinner for us. LOL! Ted got a break from cooking. I actually made two meals.

I have to keep every ball with ME!
Weird smile but cute enough to post

Ah I can't look
Shane must like to close his eyes when batting

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Kari said...

Lucas has a little baby baseball tee. It is supposed to be for 6 months up... but I don't see how. We try to get him to pick up the bat and hit the ball (or hit anything) but he doesn't like the bat. Instead he likes to knock over the tee... so whatever works. Maybe one day Lucas, Shane, and Colby can play teeball together.