Sunday, March 26, 2006

TrimTrimminey Trim Trim

We attempted to prime the trim several times this weekend. We still have to get the hang of this diy stuff. Ted picked a dental molding (Because he got it for a DEAL) and it is hard to get the paint in it with a brush so we were trying to spray it but haven't had the best of luck with thinning the paint. All of this will really help us when we get to the other part of the house that need updating. It is interesting learning all of this new stuff. I still want to post the pictures I mentioned yesterday but I'm going to wait until the best time. Here are pictures from outside today. Matthew was changing inside since he had just mowed a small part of the yard. He got his picture in yesterday though.

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Kari said...

you need to take a new family picture... of everyones feet so you can show off your family of crocks