Saturday, March 04, 2006

Delay in posts

We just finished clearing out the room we have been working on for months. Ted had someone come look at it and he is supposed to come back bright and early in the morning to work on it. I will probably be spending most of my time rearranging the shed to find room for all of the junk we've been REcluttering that room with. I will post pictures of the progress if I get a chance. Shane was better until bedtime, but it was just a cough so I think I will take him to church tomorrow unless he has a fever like Friday. Colby seems to not be sick at all anymore. I wonder what symptoms allergies to pollen you can get?


Kari said...

What a cool picture. Lori told me about the hammock. It looks like you guys will really enjoy it.

Kari said...

Check out my links... Angela is keeping a blog now too

Stacy said...

When did you get a hammock?