Saturday, March 11, 2006

The 11th

I was just thinking about what we were doing about a year ago. I was trying to remember when Ean was born (I think by old email's the 13th) I came across the emails asking everyone to pray for Matthew since he fell and ones of Matthew's face from last year. It seemed like a long time ago. I thought he would have a huge scar and be self concious. One year later, I've totally forgotten that he fell unless I come across and old email or it comes up in conversation. We were so blessed that Matthew healed really well. Thanks everyone for all of your prayers. Around a year ago was another Ian's 5th birthday. Soon after they found out he had cancer. Today is his 6th birthday and he is in treatment still. You can catch up on his progress at his website ( Today is also Valeri and Dan's anniversary. 14 years and 2 days ago I moved here and Ted and I had been married about 6 months. Time goes so fast. Our little friend turns 4 this week and we got to celebrate at her party today. Here are some pictures of the kids at her Clown / Circus Party.

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