Friday, March 24, 2006

Where R the B4

Okay so some of you who come here to see pictures of the kids might not care about these pictures of empty rooms. I took them last night while the kids were in bed and everyone from my small group from church had left. (Nothing like having people over to get you motivated to clean) My good friends Stacy and Sarah both offered to have it at their house because of all of the stuff we had going on but I passed, so I could get this place straightened up. I should have taken before pictures because to all of you these pictures will mean really nothing. To Ted and I to see the house like this was so so so so great, ever since we had started back on the boys room addition our house has been so cluttered up. The main living room with the green couch had monitors on the couch, an window air conditioner, wood, big dog cage, two 27 in tvs, air compressor, saws, drills, so many tools and anything that had migrated into the additon room that needed to be put in the shed or garage area (Which was alot of stuff). The water got in that room after our little accident. The couch had to be pulled into the middle of the room. We had a narrow path leading through the room. (And I mean N A R R O W ) The office and playroom after the accident, had to have everything moved out of it (Including all of those Books but not the computer desk) to dry. I got the books and office somewhat put back together before we went camping. In the pictures of the medieval costumes you can see the empty wall behind the kids. On monday I slowly got started trying to put this place back together. I unpacked all of our camping gear and put it away along with doing laundry on Monday. I empytied a 122 qt plastic bin filled with paper junk and sorted it. (That took most of Tuesday) Wednesday night Ted took most of the heavy stuff out of the living room. On Thursday I skipped my usual shopping and stayed home and uncluttered all the little left overs (I should say BIG leftovers) The end result is the pictures I have posted minus a few drawers I stuffed to hide things in.

Living Room

Playroom and Office


New Laundry Room Curtains to hide the storage


Kari said...

I know you are happy to have everything back where it goes! There is nothing like having people over that makes you get your butt in gear! I think I should have someone come over at least every two weeks :) My place was almost totally clean Saturday because Katie was coming over and slowly it is getting cluttered again.

Lindsay said...

It looks good. I amazed you get so much done having 3 boys araound all day. Once I am home I can't do hardly anything.

weathergirl05 said...

I am glad that the flooding hasn't set you back to much. Wow I bet that was alot of work. The house looks fantastic. I need to clean my house today, and yes Tripp is still not quite finished with the shower in the bathroom. I think Sarah and I are going to home depot today and dream or what could be.