Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3 days later

Things are mostly dried out here. The wood floor is the only thing we are keeping our eye on now. The carpet is dry. We had the insurance people and the cleaning guys out. We are going to get the carpet in the playroom replaced sometime. I will post pictures when we do. The house is still turned upside down. When I posted we didn't realize that the living room got wet also. The drywall, painting and all that we going on had the house in disarray anyways. With the small flood now it is very very disorganized. It will eventually get back in place. I have had an allergy attack of sorts. Since we had fans blowing in every room of the house dust got everywhere. I guess you could say I am VERY allergic to dust. I have alot of congestion in my chest and sound like I have a really bad cold. I think my allergy pills only prevent so much. I can't imagine what recovery from a real flood or a hurricane would be like. We just had fresh washing machine water on our carpet and wood floor. The people in the hurricanes had their whole house under dirty water.
I haven't taken any pictures really so these are of Sawyer and Ted playing around from last week.


Lindsay said...

That is so terrible what happened. Are you sure it was an accident... or did you guys just want new carpet?

Just kidding, I hate when those freak accidents happen and turn your world upside down just when you think you are getting things put together.

Stacy said...

Hang in there w/the mess. I know the timing especially stinks.

Hope you feel better & that y'all had fun tonight. We missed you.