Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today after Matthew's class Colby fell asleep in the car. So, I said hey lets go to the library. I'm always happy to go to the library, with someone asleep. We take turns pushing him in his stroller while we each pick out books and manage to keep Shane's voice down. He tends to talk loud sometimes. I also have to keep Shane from dancing and jumping around in the library. They have all of those signs posted with rules on them. At one point the librarian came up to us and asked Shane not to climb on the side of the little kids tables. Ahh I would have been mortified if that would have happened when Matthew was four. The older I get and the longer I am a mom, I realize that kids are just going to climb on things and jump around. I may not like it. (Actually it irks me) I just have to try to curb the desire to climb in stores, libraries, Dr. Offices and so on. I think today Shane also hung on a rack of clothes in the Goodwill. I go there all the time and all of the workers know us. This weekend Colby gave this lady a five. She was in utter shock. (You know him and people in his personal space) I told her he made your day, you've probably been waiting for him to do that for two years. She and the other cashier proceeded to tell us how are kids are so well behaved. HA I just said thank you and wondered how she would feel if she spent any actual real time with them. They just don't know. I guess they had forgotten the other day when Colby threw a fit and I had to leave the store. Well here are pictures of them reading, the only one reading an actual library book is Matthew. Shane and Colby wanted books off of our shelf at home. I guess they will look at the ones from the library later.

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Kari said...

i read the same book shane is looking at to Lucas yesterday. We also read if you give a mouse a cookie.

I guess that is why Shane asked if Lucas can climb yet.