Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I've forgotten how much I love to bake. I haven't had the time or energy in the past years to take the time to bake any cookies. Also it might be because my stove never kept an accurate temperature for baking. Now that I have that new oven it works great for baking. Yesterday I made Peanut Butter and today I made Chocolate chip. last year my neighbor gave us baked cookies and bread. This year she is away. She's been living in another state taking care of her older parents for more than 6 months. She never got to meet Aggie the whole time she was here. The one visit she made home was when Aggie had already moved to our Dads. Here are some pictures of lunchtime and Matthew and Colby outside. Shane was busy decorating his Grandmas Christmas tree at her house.


Kari said...

wow it is amazing how much those cookies look like sushi rolls! That is cool!

Lindsay said...

I was thinking the same thing, I guess that is how you get those poor boys to eat sushi, you tell them they are cookies and they don't know the difference. Your secret is out now, HAHA!

Stacy said...

Alright, miss Baker Lady, where's the samples? Just kidding. I tried pralines today and was very disappointed; I guess the Candy thermometer and specific temps for this and that really mattered, b/c the things never solidified--but they sure tasted yummy!