Friday, December 23, 2005


One thing about Shane is that he likes to be a friend and he has friends. I could learn alot from him. I think when he gets older he might be the one bringing people home all the time. Today we had one of our friends over, Krista. Colby played well with them and didn't give me one bit of a problem when it was time for his nap. Matthew went to work with Ted today so he isn't in any pictures. I took lots of pictures of everyone else today and here they are.

Puppet Show (All 3 have Dinosaurs)

Gassing Up

He loves to Sit-n-Spin

Turkey, Cheese, PB Crackers, & Raisins

In the spaceship

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Kari said...

very cute. Lisa you are too hard on yourself you are a GOOD FRIEND :)