Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Bell

Anyone who comes to visit and gets to see our tree, will definatley notice that most of the handmade ornaments on the tree are made by Matthew. He is older so he has had more of a chance to make ornaments. I used to not like those ornaments. When I was growing up I especially didn't like handmade ornaments. I'm talking about the type you made in school or at church or something. I always wondered why my family couldn't buy ornaments from the store. Now I have changed my mind. I love all of the ornaments on our tree. Even the handmade ones. So tonights blog has an ornament made by Shane on it. A few teenagers from church were having a "We will babysit so you can shop" fundraiser for something and we supported them by dropping of our kids. Matthew was a helper, not there to be babysat. I hope this ornament holds up and I am looking back on it with fond memories years from now.


Margie said...


My babies are 26 and 23 and I still hang their handmade ornaments on the tree. It isnt' Christmas until Donnies Santa hanging is placed on the ceiling fan... They are getting pretty warn but they are still part of Christmas here.

Kari said...

we have a matthew hand made ornament on our tree and a Lisa ornament too!

Every year we also get one ornament that means something from the last year.

I love decorating the tree because with each ornament i pull out i am remembering something i might have forgotten other wise.

Lindsay said...

Last year was Ean's first Christmas and he made ornamnents for everyone, he is doing that again this year. When I pulled out the one we made last year I had to smile and look at it for a minute. We have a lot of handmade ones, I love them.

Stacy said...

Great ornament! I still have one my Granny made, and a few daycare made w/Jessica's help & her picture on them.

doug said...

Ted and Lisa. You guys are developing an awesome heritage. Your legacy as Christ followers with you kids will reach far and wide. Merry Christmas.

Doug Dorman