Monday, December 26, 2005

Jesus' birthday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a special cake and everyone got to blow out the candle since it was a very special birthday. Colby kept asking for more pieces of Jesus cake. I know the older they get the harder it is to remember rather than focus on presents. Speaking of presents, Matthew has had to share his this year. I think we now know what to get Ted for his birthday. Lori and Tony got the best present of all this year. Tony came back home from Iraq very early this morning. Ted and I accidently slept in and so Matthew and Ted didn't go to greet him. I made posters last night for them to take. We went to bed but since it was so early we didn't hear the alarm go off at 2:30 am, nor did we hear the three times Lori tried to call us. You can see more pictures of Matthew, Shane and Colby on Kari's blog on her December 25th post. For the pictures Click Each number for a different one Here -----> one two three She also posted some from the day before too. There is a funny story about her husband Curt trying to snap pictures of Ted and I and never catching a good one. Click the phrases for the different links -----> Kari's Christmas eve blog post and/or Picture of Colby& Grandpa Dan

Looks like he likes it

He just didn't know what to think


Matches Relaxing


Kari said...

I think I've seen Ted playing more than I have Matthew :)

Stacy said...

Yes, Christmas is always stressful on the kitties. Those are good. I'm so thankful Tony is home.