Monday, December 19, 2005


We all ate fresh baked peanut butter cookies for snack and then got the kids ready for bed. I think Matthew is planning to watch Son of the Mask on tv tonight. Ted is going to work on WORK stuff. I might edit some video or try and finish the book I'm trying to read. After supper I told Shane and Colby to calm down and get some books to read. Sometimes I use this trick to settle them. Only about half of the time does it work. Colby picked a book that had Bert and Ernie looking for toys in the attic or something. Anyways I asked Colby who that was and he said Bernie. I had to correct him and say it was Ernie, but I think he was just thinking about our good friend. We have a very close friend named Bernie who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Today he had some surgery on his lymph nodes and they got some good news. I have their blog listed on this page in the section "Keeping in our prayers".


Dana said...

I came across your blog by chance. Great photos of a good looking family.

I just wanted to tell you and your friend Bert and his family that many have been cured! My wife finished chemotherapy for a lymph cancer in March of 1983.

That is not a typo. 1983. She returns for yearly check-ups, but is cured. We'll hold good thoughts for Bert.

Lindsay said...

What a nice comment above, glad your friend is good, Colby and Shane are cute brushing their teeth and Matthew is such a big boy.

Stacy said...

What a nice thing to share. Glad this gentleman's wife is doing well, too.