Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sept. 5

Bye Bye Pool

Backwards Hats

I thought I would finally post an update. Although this might be a tad too long. If I would have wrote this last week it might have seemed depressing. Now looking back we just have to tweak a few things. Last week was a big adjustment. I don't think we realized how different it was going to be doing schoolwork. Our house is a wreck because of all of the painting stuff. We have piles of stuff everywhere (Note to all: Do House Projects during break times and not the first weeks of school) We had so many outside classes and lots of things to do other places that I am barely making a dent in the mess this week. Plus I don't have much of Matthews help since he has schoolwork to do now. (Boy not having his help makes me realize how much he helps me) Okay so back to last week... we didn't have the best schedule going on, but hopefully things will even out as time goes on. This week we have added one more class and one more meeting on our schedule. I also have a big Computer project for Scouts that I'm working on for a few hours a day for just this week. We started draining the pool too. When Ted went out of town we had an algae problem, while he was gone our good filtering system finally died and the new one just won't filter as well. We really don't even have time to swim anymore so its better to drain it now before the water gets worse. We did get down time in case you were worried, we had skating/park day and then our friends came in town this weekend. We got to spend time with them on Saturday(that was the pool shot with all the kids) and then yesterday we had them over here. (The picture of Shane with two friends on the post below... you might recognize one of the little girls) Ted painted for part of the morning, he painted part of another wall light blue with we didn't like, so I spent part of today covering that up with kilz primer for the new paint we picked (I'll keep it a suprise for now) HINT: One of our friends already gagged yesterday, when I she saw and heard what we were doing.

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