Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I finally got the slideshow done that I had been working on for most of the week last week. It turned out to be alot harder than I thought. It wasn't the pictures or the programs. Our computers showed their age last week. Everytime I turned around one of the files was corrupt or some error. It took hours to do somethings that should have taken minutes. The slideshow is done though. I know I could have done alot better, but I was working with old software and computers. IF I ever do something like this again, I will start alot sooner too. At the end of the week Ted added more memory to my computer. The problem is I think we need a better videocard or something. I haven't been the best about pictures but here are a few from last night, and one from the office. The slideshow is very long and some of you who have dialup connections may not be able to view it.

Click here for a Short Scout Clip

Click here for Slideshow

Only RECENT Picture Sorry

Now Assistant Scout Master

Only RECENT Picture Sorry

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