Saturday, December 02, 2006

December is Here

Guys and tree
BubblesOkay so I know its already the 2nd. December crept up on us. I'm wanting to do lots of Christmas type things. I know how that goes though. Usually we don't have enough time or energy to do all the things I want to. Like today we had a Birthday Party first thing. Sawyer had a vist to the VET! LOL the vet said he might be drowsy after his shots. I didn't realize dogs got drowsy like kids. Dumptrucks are COOL! We did make it to the mall to see the decorations and just walk around. Thats one thing I always like to do in December and we got that done. So, the kids hair still isn't cut (Our favorite Barber closes early on Saturday WHOOPS) Now haircuts have to be a priority SOON! I got lots and lots of pictures today, but I tried to pick out just a few.

Green Icing

Part of our day

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K A R I™ said...

Those are really awesome pictures!