Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fall back

I always debate people on whether on not we gain an hour or lose and hour and so on. I do realize that we gain an hour when we "Fall Back" In our family THOUGH its like we lost the hour even though we didn't. Its because we have to get up one hour earlier than we used to, which for us is hard. It is hard because we have a hard time getting up anyways. As far was us getting to bed earlier now, that doesn't happen because we are nightowls. In the Spring its the opposite for us, then it will be like gained the hour (Even though we didn't) we get to get up one hour later.


brandi kincaid said...

But don't you feel like you gain that hour now? Like this morning when I woke up I thought oh, it's already 7 and time to get up ...and then I was actually only 6 now! It made me feel like I had an extra hour to sleep!

Stacy said...

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Kari said...

yeah see i am with brandi... even though we discussed this last night :) lol