Monday, October 17, 2005


Today Ted and I signed Aggie out of Windsor. She is no longer a knight. Next week she will be a pioneer at Wayne High. She gets a small little break before starting school up there. Tomorrow we have a busy day. We have to get new tires on the Odyssey after my hydroplaning incident on the way to Helen. We want our trip to be safe at the end of this week. We also have to troubleshoot the video screen. It messed up on the way to Helen. We can't have no form of movie viewing on a 12 hour trip. That would be miserable. Got to keep the kids occupied. Aren't I horrible?


Kari said...

what about the rest of the week? any days ya'll will just be at home so Lucas and I came say bye to Aggie again. I have a Tim McGraw CD for her from us... lol

Tom said...

hey i am also a pioneer
i am a mt. whitney pioneer