Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Growing Up

Yesterday we had a quick little visit with some of our friends. Bernie brought a Rocket and helped the kids shoot it off. I wanted to share some pictures of times we have had with them. The one of just Jessica and Shane is from 2004 sometime. The picture with the three little kids, is of Jessica, Hayley and Shane December 2002. Then I included another picture from the July 2002 bunch. At least I think these were taken in July. Its of Ted, Bernie, Jessica and Shane. We think alot of Bernie, Stacy and Jessica and don't tell them often enough how much their family means to us. Thanks for allowing us to count you as our friends. We love you. The post before this one shows even earlier pictures of us all.

And one more from July 2002

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Stacy said...

Awww, loved those! We thank God to count you as our friends, too.

They were so tiny. Seeing the Christmas picture brings me back to the cell group that night & how we all enjoyed watching them run around in their red, and how you brought out the "community toys" for them to share. Too cute. Love you guys,
S,B & J