Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Colby is following his brothers footsteps.

Matthew January 19, 1994

( 8 days shy of being 1 year old)

Shane May 2002

( A few weeks before turing 1 year old)

Last but not least Colby October 18, 2005

( 1 month and 6 days away from being 2 years old)
So we waited awhile on this haircut.

Boo Hoo all of his curls are gone.


Lindsay said...

How cute that the same barber did all of them. It is neat to see the difference in all of them and even the barber over the years. A really neat post THanks!!!

Kari said...

So is that the famous Stanley? It is cool they all have a special barber! I can't wait to take Lucas' first hair cut picture. Hopefully his aunt Sam (who will be a professional hair stylist by then) can cut it.